Sunday Brunch Series

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 16: Polenta Casserole

The base of an 8x8 pan was, as previously mentioned, a thick layer of polenta.  Next up was a layer of spinach, about half a bunch, just with the stems removed.  On top of that went a tofu scramble (with an itty bitty onion sauteed along with it).  A couple diced jalepenos were sprinkled on top of that, and then the whole thing was baked for 15 minutes or so.  To finish the casserole off, Mike topped it with salsa, avocado, a generous helping of vegan cheddar shreds and more minced chives, and baked it for another 5 minutes.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 15: Pumpkin Coffee Cake

a moist white cake was layered with spiced pumpkin goodness (think pumpkin pie), more white cake, and topped with chopped pecans and brown sugar.  The "coffee" part of the cake is more the manner in which it's enjoyed - with a hot cuppa Joe, for breakfast or for an afternoon snack.  

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 14: Breakfast Tostadas

I was in the mood for Mexican, as is often the case, so breakfast tostadas seemed like the thing to do.  Have you ever had a tostada?  They're like giant chips piled high with things like refried beans, salsa and guacamole.  It's like an open-faced taco.  In other words, it's amazing. 

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 13: Denver-style Frittata

What you see is a vegan Denver-style frittata complete with bakery toast (a local health food store makes awesome vegan loaves), homemade cubed hashbrowns, and store-bought sausage patties by Yves which are really tasty.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 12: Brunch Away from Home

Our twelfth brunch was a simple one, but very satisfying - it's nice to be able to share the same meal with others, even if you're eating vegan pancakes and bacon and they're not.  No one looked at my pancakes and said, "hmm, weirdo vegan food".  Now, the bacon on the other hand... :) 

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 11: Vegan Donuts

You knew it was coming.

The only thing I'm wondering is why it took me so long to introduce donuts to the growing collection of Sunday brunches.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 10: Scramble Stack

The three components of the stack were:

-hashbrowns, cooked in the same way as for the breakfast casserole (but store-bought would work too)
-creamed spinach, except with no baking or breadcrumbs, and I cut the recipe to 1/3 of the size
-tofu scramble, which was just medium-firm tofu scrambled with mushrooms, onion, garlic and red bell pepper and seasoned with some S&P and a pinch of turmeric for color. 

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 9: Clubhouse Sandwiches with Homemade Chips

Though definitely more on the side of "standard lunch fare", I really wanted to make a vegan clubhouse sandwich and since it's my brunch series, it's my rules.  Plus, look at it.  I can't think of anyone who wouldn't want to eat the crap out of that, even omnivores.  I just wouldn't tell them it's vegan. :)

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 8: Sweet vs. Savory Crepe Showdown!

I'm super excited about this brunch - not only did it have a boozy element (fresh mimosas!), it was crepe-themed!  I've gotta give Mike props for the idea of making both sweet and savory crepes.  He took control of the savory, and I was assigned to the sweet.  Naturally, this division created a competitive element.  Who would have the superior crepe?  Dun dun dun...

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 7: Diner-Style Eats

This morning was the occasion for a diner-style breakfast - you know the kind, total greasy spoon and pure straight-up bliss.  The menu consisted of cheesy scrambled eggs, fried tempeh bacon, hashbrowns (cube style) and blueberry muffins.  To add a teeny bit of vitamins to the meal, we had fresh water with frozen juice cubes - grapefruit and green apple.  A great morning combo, I must say!  They flavored the water nicely without making it super-sweet.  Ice cubes are so polite.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 6: Breakfast Burritos and Iced Coffee

With help from the much-needed ramen and chocolate milk, I was able to focus on the very important task of burrito-making.  That's right, breakfast burritos for brunch.  It was a damn good choice too, seeing as there was actually some nutritional value to these burritos which I hear is a good thing after a night of hootenanny.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 5: Vegan Omelets and a Bloody Mary

What I came up with was kinda-sorta based on the omelet recipe in Vegan Brunch with a few alterations - namely, the ratios and my method of cooking them.  First up, I spread my omelet batter in a large circle on an even larger frying pan, and then sprinkled on the toppings the way you do a pizza.  When the bottom started to turn a lovely golden color, I folded the omelet in half, pressing down, and cooked another few minutes to get the cheese all melty.  This process worked really well - no flipping required!  And the finished result was so delicious, creamy and really egg-like.  Love!

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 4: Waffles FTW!

I'll be the first to admit that waffles are freakin' delicious with margarine and maple syrup (or in today's case, Aunt Jemima), but waffles with strawberries and whipped cream have a special place in my heart.  You know, that nostalgic place when eating something reminds you of being a little kid and not having to make waffles for yourself. 

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 3: (Freaking Awesome) Cinnamon Rolls

These were happily devoured by family members (straight-up omnivores, I might add - folks not used to my crazy vegan ways), so I would definitely put these in the category of "shit dude, these are really vegan?".  Every vegan should have arsenal like that.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 2: Hashbrown Casserole

What resulted was a beautiful melangee of crisp hashbrowns (homemade!), onions and garlic, creamy vegan eggs and cheese, spinach, pickled jalapenos, and some veggie sausage.  When we were assembling this casserole, we knew it would be good, but we really had no idea how intensely delicious it was destined to be.  And if you use pre-made hashbrowns, this recipe would come together very quickly.

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 1: The Beginning

For whatever reason, I was craving greasy takeout food - does that ever happen to you guys on a Sunday?  Maybe it's the consequence of a Saturday night well spent.  So we roasted some potatoes with Earth Balance, fresh rosemary, lemon, garlic and salt, and roasted a couple tomatoes while we were at it.  And then there were the delectable open-faced egg and cheese muffins...  

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