The Real Meal is a blog that emphasizes vegan cooking in a way that’s accessible and balanced – with an understanding that balance sometimes involves comfort food.  We offer recipes, accounts of our trials and tribulations, and cooking classes in Toronto, Ontario.  Thanks for stopping by!

Allysia K

Born and raised in Regina, Saskatchewan, I’m a passionate vegan and raw foods chef and educator by day, and rock musician by night.  I love helping people become healthier and happier, and preparing awesome plant-based foods is my favorite way of doing that. 

I wasn’t always interested in health and cooking – For years I taught piano lessons, living off grilled cheese sandwiches and instant noodles.  On a whim when I was in my early twenties, I decided to cook 4-5 recipes from cookbooks each week, and ended up loving it so much that I maintained the discipline for over two years.  Wanting to further my training, I studied raw foods at Living Light, as well as natural plant-based cuisine at the Natural Epicurean.  This led me to opportunities like teaching, catering and testing recipes for a published cookbook.

This blog originated as a food diary that I didn’t intend on sharing with anyone – I just wanted to take pictures of the recipes I made for the sake of reference.  It didn’t take me long to stumble into the plant-based blogging community, however, and the rest is history.

Best foods: ALL OF THE VEGETABLES, with a special shout-out to kale and collards.  And pizza.  And tofu.  And hummus-avo-tomato toast.  And suuuuuushi.

Worst foods: I hate playing my hate on foods.  That said, cantaloupe and honeydew melons get no love from me.

If you could travel anywhere in the TARDIS, it would be: Somewhere safe and pleasant, with nary an apocalypse in sight.  And with lots of kittens.

Mike VB

Howdy!  I'm Mike, a former high school science teacher and current food enthusiast hailing from Weyburn, Saskatchewan.  Cooking was always a passion of mine, even when I was just a kid; there's nothing quite like watching cooking shows in the morning before catching the bus to go to your first day of the third grade.  I am a relatively recent convert to the herbivore lifestyle, but I still love my comfort food.  Who says vegan cuisine always has to be health-foody?  Not me.  Maybe it is my chemistry background peeking through, but I love experimenting with new and exciting flavours and ingredients.  When I am not cooking, or eating, I tend to fill my free time by playing drums, or with the occasional small video game fix.

Best foods: Anything with buffalo sauce.  

Worst foods: Baked fruit in (almost) all of its forms.

If you could travel anywhere in the TARDIS, it would be: The end of the universe (the place, not the time).

Here at The Real Meal, we tend to take things very seriously.  

Enjoy your stay!

Photos courtesy Rob Hillstead.