Sunday, November 18, 2012

Vegan Sunday Brunch, Episode 22: Pancake Breakfast


I just felt like drawing out the y's because it's that kind of day, you know, crazy-slack, bordering on comatose.  Aside from a few errands and cooking, I spent my morning (and afternoon) eating great food, sipping mimosas and watching Dollhouse (so good!).  Even lifting up my laptop to write this is a bit of a hurdle, possibly because every muscle in my body aches from bowling - yes, I'm that out of shape.  You are permitted to laugh at my expense.  After some mandatory, can't-put-it-off-any-longer work to do this afternoon, I intend to perpetuate my slackness to the maximum.  Which basically just means more Dollhouse.

(Did y'all know that Joss Whedon is working on a new show?)

This morning's breakfast was diner-style, and nothing even remotely experimental (like last week's merge of french toast and fried egg sandwiches).  And it was also brainlessly easy.

I always go to Isa's recipe for perfect pancakes (Vegan Brunch, or Vegan with a Vengeance) - I like to modify it by using a full tablespoon of baking powder instead of two teaspoons.  It makes 'em a little more fluffy and they just end up looking gorgeous every time.

Along with pancakes, there were roasted taters - nothing fancy, just straight-up mildly seasoned potatoes for ketchup dunking.  Mike threw on some mozza daiya once they were done cooking and let it melt in the oven for a few minutes for added yum.

And of course, can you have pancakes without breakfast sausages?  The answer is yes, but they won't be quite as awesome.  I grew up on breakfast sausages, and they were one of the few meats I really enjoyed back in the day.  So once in a while I love to pick up a pack of Yves brand - they taste just like I remember!

Since last night didn't see any crazy hootenanny (the evening was a marathon Dollhouse session), both of us were up for something a little more perky than fresh juice in the morning.  And so, mimosas were born.  We've made mimosas before, and it is one of my favorite ways to use my juicer.  I adore fresh citrus juice, and adding some sparkly to it just takes it over the edge!  We went for more of a 50/50 ratio between fresh orange juice and grapefruit juice - two large grapefruit and four small oranges made enough for four glasses worth.  So freaking tasty.

So the other day I was being all cryptic with the life changes and whatnot, and I wanted to mention that I haven't forgotten that I brought it up.  In fact, I'll talk to you about it in the next post.  All good things (mostly), I promise. :)  Hope you've been having a great weekend!


  1. Ooooh can't wait to read your next post with your life changes! I think I'm really nosy lol and I just love seeing what other people are doing. Mostly because I'm looking for inspiration and motivation to make changes in my own life I think.

    Anyway, this is the perfect breakfast for a lazy Sunday. Mmm I want some pancakes right now, yours look perfectly fluffy. I agree that sausage (faux naturally) is the perfect complement to the meal. And you can't go wrong with mimosas!

    Enjoy your lazy Sunday, looking forward to your next post!

    1. I'm the exact same way with other people's blog posts - one of the best parts about blogs, methinks!

  2. Yep, breakfast sausage and mimosas and Dollhouse - you have officially found the secret recipe for the world's most awesome Sunday! And no, I didn't know about the new show - gimme details!

    I'll be waiting here for the next post...

    1. I don't really have details, only that it's called S.H.I.E.L.D. and it's set in the world of the Avengers, or something. Google it up! Probably won't come out for a while.

  3. Those pancakes are beautiful! I could totally go for breakfast dinner right about now.

    I’ve never watched Dollhouse before, I didn’t know it was a Josh Whedon show. How does it compare to Buffy? I’ve been really wanted to rewatch Angel and Buffy lately, I’m tempted to subscribe to Netflix for this reason alone.

    1. Doitdoitdoit! I love Buffy/Angel, but from an acting, writing and production standpoint, Dollhouse is infinitely better. It is so. Damn. Good. Firefly is also on Nexflix, another great Whedon show that got cancelled too early!