Saturday, May 5, 2012

Voluminous Brunch in Times of Study

Hey there!

Long time no see, eh?  Or, I guess that would more accurately be, long time no read.  Things have been all super crazy over on my end, which is a story for another day perhaps.  But what I will mention is that I've got a big beast of a history exam coming up in 6 days that's been consuming the time I would have otherwise been spending cooking and blogging.

Since I'm a classically trained piano player (and teacher!), it's been on my mind to continue upgrading my credentials.  So next Friday, after memorizing the lives and dates and compositions of a dozen composers, I will write a 3-hour test for the sake of coming one step closer to getting my Grade 9 RCM creds.  This shit is insane, dudes.  But totally worth it.

In the midst of my studying frenzy, I was delivered a plate of goodies.  It was a huge plate - we're talking 12x12 inches, or more.  My kinda brunch plate.

What you see there is some of the world's most wonderful fruit, grapefruit and ataulfo mangoes, accompanied by hummus toast with tomatoes and pepper, homemade hash browns (with peppers, mushrooms and onions buried underneath them), and diced fresh tomatoes and avocado in the center.  Along with a good caffeinated beverage, this is the kind of meal that could keep me going through pretty much anything.  Even ridiculous amounts of memorizing.

And I just wanted you guys to know that I'm still keeping up with your blogs, so even if I'm not quite as verbose as normal, I'm still enjoying your stories and your eats!  Besides, if I were to comment on your blogs right now, I'd probably just go off on an irrelevant tangent about Chopin's Polonaise in Ab Major Op. 53.

Whew.  Catch up with y'all soon!


  1. Good luck with your studying and the exam Allysia! That brunch plate looks absolutely perfect and amazing! I'm sure it kept you going for a while :)

    I had no idea you are a classically trained pianist and a teacher. You are quite a talented lady! Best of luck with the exam!

  2. Thank you Sarah, I'll probably need quite a bit of luck! :)

  3. Wow, that's a real meal for sure. I could go for allll of it. Good luck with the exams. I do not envy that studying.

  4. Good luck, Allysia! You'll do great. :-)