Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I've Moved!

Update Dec. 21: For the time being, it looks like is the only link that will work for updating your feed reader (using just the domain doesn't work).  And I'm so not a techie, but I'm trying to figure it all out - all I know is that I've lost all of my subscribers in the process.  Which makes it difficult to communicate to you!  Arrg.  Crossing my fingers...again.

Hey guys,

I did a post rambling about how I'm moving, so you can visit it if you want more details.  As it stands, this feed address will no longer work, so please update your feed reader with the new address, which is, or the direct feed which is  

Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!  I'm super eager for technology to run smoothly from this point forward (crossing my fingers).



  1. Thanks for the update! I'll make the changes. ;)

  2. I am trying to follow this site and it is not working. Your posts are still coming up as Happy Vegan and then I get a 401 error when I go to them :-(

  3. Arg, technology! Thanks for the heads up - it should work fine if you subscribe using this link: