Friday, December 16, 2011


Hey all,

As I mentioned in the previous post, there's been a lot of chaos going on with this site.  It's a long story, but suffice to say that I had to switch web hosts, and transferring my old and beloved domain (Happy Vegan!) has proved to be very difficult and a massive headache.

So I had the option of using my original Blogspot domain from way back in the day ( - can you tell I'm creative with names?), but that seemed kind of lame.  So instead, I'm just going with something completely new.  Maybe just for a year, or maybe for always - I don't really know at this point.

I'm calling it "The Real Meal".  The last two years of blogging, I've been experimenting and searching for a focus, and I know deep down that I want it to be based on whole and healthy foods.  Partly because I'm passionate about eating well (most of the time), and partly because I want this blog to be a testament of how easy and freakin' delicious it can be to eat healthy foods.

I also like The Real Meal because sometimes us vegans are thought to eat fake food - you know, that lentil patty is "fake" because there's no meat, and tempeh is just a second-rate imposter.  But what could possibly be more real than meals made right from nature's pantry?

Things are still in transition, but I've fixed a good deal of the links, and will continue to fix more today.  Everything should still work fine for those of you who subscribe to this blog, and the link ( is still functional and will re-route you here.  So basically, you can change your links if you want, but they won't be broken if you don't.

...Except for the links that point to a specific post - those will be broken.  I'm going to try to get that sorted out this weekend, and email a few of you with the details.

So my current address is, complete with dashes because I'm trying to haggle with the current owner of the dash-free version (cross your fingers!).  I'm simultaneously excited and exasperated about this change, because my brain is falling out of my head and I liked being Happy Vegan.  At least I still get to be a happy vegan, though.

Speaking of changes, Logan's having his own batch of 'em right now.  Did I ever mention he's an artist?  He's got a digital gallery you should check out, because it's pretty groovy, and his strange sense of humor totally shines through.  Anyway, he's working hard to make a go of freelancing work in the new year, so please send him your good vibes.  And jobs. :)

Thanks for your understanding and all that - and seriously, thanks for visiting this blog.  It means a ton to me that anyone actually reads this thing.  And here's to an awesome new future full of adventures, fun times, cats and great food.  *Cue glass clink*

And now, to change the subject completely, here are a few links:

The 56 Best/Worst Similes - this is super amusing.  Each time I visit this page I laugh.

This is a t-shirt that I'm totally buying.

And I really want to veganize this Rugelach...they just look so damn good.


  1. It looks great! I hope things work well for you here.
    Logan's a great artist. I love the "Soulmates" one.

  2. It works!!!! I am now following you and getting all your posts in my reader. Thanks for the link again. Not sure what I did wrong the first time, or if something was just broken.

  3. Woo hoo! You didn't do anything wrong - something was totally just broken. But we're groovy now! :)