Friday, October 28, 2011

Lemon Cucumber Juice

This recipe, so politely titled as "lemon cucumber juice", could also be more crudely dubbed the "post-party fuel of champions".

Staying out late, hootenanny and loud music all tend to equate to a groggy morning after.  Since I don't have an official job to attend to in the morning, though, I allowed myself the luxury of a good sleep-in, which I assure you was heavenly.  Had I been more motivated, I might have made pancakes (especially these vegan cornmeal ones), but aside from a good hot mug of green tea, nothing recharges my brain like good ol' fresh juice.

Not everyone is endowed with a juicer, I know.  I don't mean to exclude you from the following recipe (if you can call it a recipe), but I might suggest that you pick up some fresh juice at your local juice bar after a night of partying.  Just try it.  My brain appreciates it just as much as it does a jolt of caffeine and some hearty toast.

My favorite post-hootenanny juice is cucumber with some lemon and a few ice cubes.  Fresh grapefruit juice is also welcome, and sometimes I love to put the two together.  Not only is drinking cucumber and grapefruit juice super hydrating since they have such a high water content - and we all know how dehydrated a night of partying action can make us - they're also high in alkaline minerals, which sooth the acidic after-party beast.  And cucumber juice has such a gentle, mild flavor that really sparkles with a little lemon.

Lemon Cucumber Juice
Serves 1; about 2 cups without the grapefruit

2 large field cucumbers, peeled
1 small lemon
1 grapefruit, peeled (optional)


1.  Chop the cucumbers, lemon and optional grapefruit and run them through your juicer.  Pour into a glass, serve with a few ice cubes if you like it cold, and enjoy!

Lemons don't need to be peeled prior to being juiced, but larger citrus fruits like oranges and grapefruits do or else the juice will taste bitter.  And grapefruit already has a slight bitterness to it, so you don't want to go and amplify that.


With plenty of teaching and jamming going on this weekend, I'll try my best to get some good MoFoing happening, but I think I'm going to have to vicariously live through everyone else's Halloween parties and meals.  I'm super excited to see what kind of Halloween feasts and treats will be happenin' across the interwebz!  And here's hoping you kick off your weekend with tons of fun. :)


  1. I love to juice, and grapefruit is my favourite thing to juice, so I definitely have to try this combo.

    If you haven't tried it, you must try grapefruit with a red or orange pepper. It is my favourite combo.

  2. For serious? That sounds bizarre and intriguing. I'll definitely try it.

  3. Yes! I looove fresh juice! I had the same sort of too late party wake up deal today and definitely could have used some of this awesome happy greenery.

  4. Yeah, it makes a pretty big difference! That, and eating greasy, carby food - like hashbrowns! I have no idea why, but it seems to be a good post-drinking antidote. Maybe that's just me? :)