Sunday, March 13, 2011

Vegan Friendly Restaurants in Regina, SK - The Regina Inn

First things first - I just joined Twitter! I'm super excited about it despite my initial resistance to change. Now I'm starting to realize it's perfect for me - I love chatting! And please be my friend! :) I know Twitter is probably old hat to most people but it's still fresh and novel to me.

Now for brunch! Every now and then, my family loves getting together for a brunch buffet. It's a festive gathering of 10-20 folks, and tradition tends to unite us all at the Regina Inn.

Now, vegan folks know that going out for breakfast or brunch can be a challenge, since most breakfast items - pancakes, waffles, sausages, bacon, eggs, etc - are decidedly non-vegan. And Regina isn't a terribly hip city - there's 1 place in town that serves a tofu scramble. That said, there are plenty of vegan options at the Regina Inn, despite how conventional the brunch spread is.

Here's a picture of my plate:

Here you see a bright and colorful array of fruits and veggies - the portions were big, though you really can't tell from this photo. I got lots of pineapple and strawberries, a yummy navel orange, raisins, olives, some sort of veggie salad, and roasted potatoes drizzled with ketchup. It was a happy plate!

And here's Logan's spread:

He found vegan bread and made toast (with PB&J, of course!), and piled his plate with a ton of potatoes and a pasta salad. I think he was yearning for comfort food. :)

There were other simple vegan items I saw, like bananas and melons, pickles, and some salads. There was also a ton of non-vegan food like omelets and bacon, but we definitely found enough to eat. Regina Inn win.

Of course, they offered a bunch of (non-vegan) dessert items as well, but we were prepared for that:

With cupcakes! I made some cupcakes last night, since we were going to a birthday celebration, where there's always the inevitability of cake. We like being armed and prepared with vegan sweets in such situations. And the leftovers definitely helped us feel more at home today at brunch!

Here's the best part about the cupcakes:

They were stuffed! With peanut buttercream! It was amazing, and I was surprised by how easy cupcake-stuffing is. But it seems so high class and fancy - at least to me.

Of course, what would a traditional brunch experience be without your favoritest cousins ever?

Cara, bemused at her "fortune". Since when do brunch places offer fortune cookies?

And Jenna, looking all zen and peaceful and stuff. She must've had a good fortune.

So the final verdict on the Regina Inn is that you can totally fill up your belly there as a vegan. Chow down!

That's all for this Sunday - it's time to engage in the ritual of weekly goal-setting and Angel watching! Season five, here we come! :)

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