Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zucchini 'crab' cakes, and radicchio and endive salad with pecan vinaigrette

Today I ate another inspired meal, which consisted of:

-zucchini "crab" cakes
-vegan tartar sauce for the crab cakes
-radicchio and endive salad with pecan vinaigrette

...or, it would have been my menu, had I not tasted the radicchio and realized I hated it. I passionately dislike bitter leaves . Oh well, can't like 'em all.

With a component of my meal missing, I improvised and steamed some broccoli and served soup from yesterday. I also used the little endive I had (also supposed to be for the salad recipe) as a vehicle for yesterday's sandwich filling and called it a meal.

"Boggle" is a staple fixture on our kitchen table in case you were wondering about the orange thing.

For the "crab" cakes, I followed Colleen Patrick-Goudreau's recipe in The Vegan Table for zucchini cakes, which tasted great but were very soft and didn't hold their shape well - probably due to breadcrumbs that were too soft.

I found an easy-looking tartar sauce recipe here on Robyn's blog, and whipped up a quarter-batch (My vegan mayo was very low, sadly, I would have loved more of this!) to go alongside the "crab" cakes. The only changes I made, aside from making way less, was omitting the onion and adding in some ketchup to give it that pale orange color.

It ended up being a decent lunch despite the radicchio setback, and luckily there are still leftovers from yesterday to carry us through supper.


  1. Positively lovely meal, despite the salad. Can't go wrong with broccoli ;)

  2. Agreed. Broccoli + Montreal steak spice = perfect in virtually every situation. :)