Saturday, November 13, 2010

A cookie baking adventure: Hazelnut Fudge Dreamies

Last night I said to Logan, "Logan, check out this mighty fine cookbook I just purchased," passing him Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar. "I request that you choose a cookie, and I shall make it."

Logan is the guy who, when I ask him what he'd like for dinner, always replies with "a burrito" or "a stir-fry". He could probably eat burritos and stir-fries all day and all night - maybe have a PB&J somewhere in there, too. Either way, he's not very picky about food. After he suggested "chocolate chip cookies," an idea I rejected, saying, "no no, something I've never made before," he flipped through all of the pages, taking his time, saying the cookie titles out loud. Finally, he decided on one - "Hazelnut Fudge Dreamies," he said, sounding unusually decisive. "Make those."

I grabbed the book from his hands, and the first thing I noticed was that there was no picture - damn. The second thing I noticed was that it was a two-pager, this recipe. Double damn. It also required fancy ingredients like hazelnut liqueur. However, I had made a promise to him, so we went out and picked up all the ingredients, and got to work.

The time? Early afternoon. The place? Our cubicle of a kitchen. The characters?

There's me, a brave baker, about to embark on a culinary adventure I'd never forget, eyes glazed with naivety. If you must know, the mug is filled with Teeccino (think fake coffee), chocolate almond milk and some of that hazelnut liqueur, Frangelico. Because you've gotta sample the product.

And there's Logan in action already, doing the hard work of beating the margarine and shortening by hand, since we're tragic bakers with no electric mixer. But that did not deter us! It just made Logan a little sad, being the one doing the hard work and all. Still, we carried on.

We formed the dough into little balls...

And we placed them on a baking tray.

There were so many little cookies that we needed to make two batches!

They tasted like super yummy shortbread right out of the oven. And then I set the baking pan on the stove, turning my back as I stuffed my face as cookies, when SUDDENLY and HORRIBLY the cookies fell to the ground, the delicate shortbread smashing and disintegrating. There was no picture taken in this moment, but I assure you it looked something like this:

At that moment I knew I was being tested. Was I going to let some crumbled cookies defeat me? Was I going to disintegrate into a pile of failed Allysia? No! I finished the damn cookies, slathering the middle with chocolate ganache, making little burgers out of them. They look a lot like those macaroon things, actually.

They tasted quite good! I'm not one for detail-oriented work, though, so they were a little labor-intensive for me. Still, yummy! And I feel like I've learned some major life lessons from this experience, like "don't set the precious cookie-filled tray on a precarious angle on the oven, or gravity will have their way with them", and, um, well that's pretty much it. Very important, though. The end.

See you MoFos tomorrow!


  1. Well, at least you have given others the opportunity to laugh at your grave misfortune. Those do look like delicious little chocolate burgers!

  2. They are! Though I definitely need to level up with my cookie-making skills. But practicing baking cookies is not a bad thing in my book :)